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SBWG 0.8.9

Lately I'm making only slow progress with SBWG. I'm determined to make this something that I'm comfortable with sharing as 1.0.0 online. Something that works and could arguably be called a somewhat finished peace of software. That doesn't mean that the todo list won't be huge at the point I change the version number to 1.0.0. But it should be in a relatively good state for what I've decided it will encompass at version 1.0.0. "Relatively" because it's still also a learning project and I would write many things differently if I started over, which means I'll have to rewrite them at some point to be satisfied with SBWG.

So, the goal and roadmap is set for v0.9.0 and v1.0.0 and a large part of what is still to be done is documentation and other things I don't enjoy doing as much as starting to implement new features. I'm holding back on working on things that are not on that roadmap so that I don't introduce new bugs and the need of further testing. First I want to improve what SBWG can already do.

That means that there won't be many interesting changes in the coming weeks (or maybe even months). Today I've decided to call what I've currently got version 0.8.9 and publish it on the project page.