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SBWG - sweet bash website generator

SBWG (sweet bash website generator) is a simple bash script that generates a static HTML web site from simple text files. I wrote it just for fun this website. And it's pronounced sibwig (because why not). It is not professional, not very adaptive to other website structures and does not have many features compared to most other static website generators. But if you know HTML and bash you can certainly adapt it for creating other websites. Or use it as it is, if you happen to want the same website structure as I have. As the project grew some features have been introduced that make it simple to customise a web site without editing the script itself. To bring it to full flexibility you can now even add hooks with your own code to individual web sites or even overwrite functions of the script without editing the script itself.

I publish new versions here at unpredictable intervals. There likely already is a newer version that I just haven't come around to adding yet. If you are interested in my blog entries about SBWG, look there or there.


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Read the top of the CHANGELOG file before running an updated version of SBWG on an existing web site!