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Casually Posting About An Actual War

This entry is not a statement about either topic.

I'm not going to write about any aspect of blog and social media posts by people who're safe from war for now and the forseeable future talking casually about war, a war, the war or related happenings, nor address any specific of such posts. I just felt like making one myself.

This article:

Schreenshot of the beginning of an article on

Headline: Marianna Vyshemirsky: 'My picture was used to spread lies about the war'

Author: Marianna Spring

Photo: A young blond woman in front of a damages building is looking into the camera.

Text: "The beauty influencer was accused of being an actor after this photo was published"


reminded me of this scene:

Screencap from a scene from the movie Wag The Dog: At a film stage a fake movie clip from a supposed war is being produced. Another screencap from the movie Wag The Dog: The resulting news footage of a young blond woman in front of a damages building.

from this movie: Wag The Dog (1997).