Steeph's Web Site


Welcome to steeph's web site!

I finally made myself a personal website again. Well, I've started to. There is not much content, yet. And the script to generate the HTML is barely usable. But I've startet.

What is this website?

This will be a website of tiny blog posts and unfinished longer posts, a presentation of unfinished projects and sentences. Because I start things but never finish them. This web site is where I pretend somebody will be interested to look at them, anyways.

Click All Entries here or in the sidebar for a blog-like view or choose a category or topic in the sidebar to find what you're interested in.

Why this website?

For decades I have been trying to satisfy my (sometimes weaker, sometimes stronger) desire to publish stuff on the internet. Sometimes with more, usually with little success. I've built many different websites for many different projects and always thought that some day I will take the time to create a personal website that contains everything I've ever wanted to put there. But I was never satisfied with the technical side, so I never started to fill one with much content. Meanwhile I filled Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp Statuses, other, smaller social networks and web forums with bits of content. The problem there is that you expect feedback in some form and if you just don't have anything important or interesting to say, you feel the lack of feedback. So I still wanted a perosnal website. One that is my own. Where I can just post stuff and forget about it.

This time it's different. In 2019 I've put aside my imperfect perfectionism, went back to plain HTML (and some CSS) and tried to accept that I'm not going to take the time to write hundrets of pages of interesting content. Instead I slowly build an imperfect website that will always stay very