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SBWG update - version 1.0 takes shape slowly

I rarely wrote updates on SBWG before now. I just worked on it whenever I had time and felt like it. And that was quite often. But this is my website where I want to feel fine with pretending that what I'm posting is of any real interest to anybody. So I may post more updates on what I did to approach my goals for SBWG 1.0 from now on. It is rare for me that I invest so much time in a single project. And since I'm starting this blog at the same time and want to fill it with a lot of content, it is time to combine the two.

Some things that I did and changed but didn't report on so far: The header format of entry and page source files has been changed completely (simplified), the generated HTML became more complete, the idea of a sourced settings file came (first to me, then reality), new tag types have been formed, the sorting of blog entries is much more mature now, many more customisation possibilities cropped up and I developed an overall vision of what SBWG will become.

The code grew so much over the time. But it was mostly for very good reasons. I'm feeling overall quite content with how clean the code became and how many contingencies I took into account. It's probably still not "professional" code. But it is a new level of professionalism for me and my Bash scripts. Should I ever come close to getting through all the tiny, small, irrelevant, important, stupid, huge, new and old to-dos, it would probably be quite presentable. So many small features have been added that I hadn't thought of when I startet to write SBWG. Multi-author blogs are supported now, tags can be substituted for icons, a basic RSS feed works, ...