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SBWG 0.8.10

So, I'm still making slow process with SBWG. I had more fun with it when I was out and implementing new features. But I find it important to finish version 1.0.0 with the currently defined set of festures and goals, which include finishing documentation, testing and code hardening, which are less fun for me.

I've always treated the third level of the version number (x.x.thisone) as a means to declare a new version done when I feel like having achived something. So today I declare version 0.8.10 as done. There really isn't much left to do to meet my milestones for v0.9.0. And from there on it will only be testing and possibly a little bit of code improvements to get to my set goals for v1.0.0.

I'm looking forward to this not only because I'll like the feeling of having achived a goal, but also it will mean that I'll be free again to introduce new features. I still have more ideas than necessary about what to do with SBWG.

But right now I'm enjoing the fact that I'm able to make myself believe that it's okay to move on as slowly as I want and let my colloquial executive dysfunction do its think without impacting my feeling of self-worth oo much.