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SBWG - Topic Tagpage Sorting

The way tagpages of topic (top:) tags are displayed is pretty much complete and the way I intended it to look when I first thought of splitting blog entry tags into two tag types. Basically, categories (cat: tags) are like classic tags in blogs: a way to add keywords to entries and list all entries that are tagged with that keyword. Topic tags on the other hand are meant to tag entries that talk about a certain topic about which a visitor might want to read up regardless of when individual entries on the topic have been posted. A topic tapage represents an index on a topic. It lists all the entries that are relevant to the topic in a structured way. You could write a book, one chapter per blog entry and have it simultaniously presented as a weblog (with category tags) and as a orderly indexed book in which visitors up a certain chapter. I still have to make up my mind on how I want to structure my own blog entries. But the fuctionality in the software is there. I will very likely also add another feature that enables structuring entries and pages into custom menues. So the options for web site builders will be grand with this weird took.